My Little Rock Airman

By (author)Brittany Fichter


In “My Little Rock Airman,” Jessie’s rule of not dating airmen is tested when Derrick Allen enters her life, leaving her to question if it’s time to rethink her rules after all. As Derrick contemplates the effect of his uniform on women, their unexpected connection leads to a clean and wholesome love story with a touch of magic. Join them on their journey to happily ever after in this captivating military romance novel.


Jessie has one rule: No dating airmen. Unfortunately, Derrick Allen doesn’t seem to care.. But what does it matter? Prince Charming had a horse, not a cargo plane.. Jessie. A strange silence settled over the car. And though I scrolled through my inbox, I found myself more and more unsettled by the man sitting beside me. Which was stupid. This was Derrick, the guy who tormented me for half of our relationship and spent the other half playing pranks and begging me to help him avoid his boss.. So why did I feel like I was really meeting him for the first time? And why did it suddenly feel like maybe…maybe it was time to rethink the rules after all?. ***. Derrick. It had to be the uniform. Women were weird about uniforms. It was just something I wore every day. It had function and utility. Once I’d accidentally terrified a group of kids in a gas station, who I quickly realized were from another country. But Jessie didn’t look terrified. She looked…curious.. And though that would have concerned me two months ago, now I couldn’t help but wonder if I liked it.. ***My Little Rock Airman is the first in the My Air Force Fairy Tale series, clean and wholesome standalone novels about life and love with military men. Read it today to find love, truth, laughter, and the magic of happily ever after.