Secure Runway: a Chase Security Story

By (author)R.L. Dunn


Kieran Chase, a security expert, vows to protect stunning French model Monique Lillier from a dangerous stalker. As the threats escalate, Kieran finds himself drawn to Monique, putting both of their lives at risk. This steamy prequel to the Chase Security Series is packed with suspense and romance, perfect for readers 18+ looking for a thrilling new series to dive into.


One thing nobody wants to see on the runway this spring: a stalker. When Kieran Chase gets a call about a French model who is being targeted by a stalker, he’s compelled to offer his security company’s services. He’ll fly out west, check on the San Diego branch, monitor his two employees assigned to the case, and make sure the model stays safe. What could possibly go wrong?But as the stalker’s attacks escalate, so does Kieran’s involvement. He discovers Monique Lillier is not only exquisitely beautiful–she’s a smart, accomplished businesswoman with a sharp wit and voracious sexual appetite. Kieran pledges his team will keep Monique safe as she walks the runway at a charity fashion event. Is his ability to protect her compromised by his growing interest in her? And can he eliminate the threat before they both fall victim to the stalker’s despicable delusions?This steamy, suspenseful novella is a prequel to the Chase Security Series, follows the Chase brothers, Ian and Kieran, and their team of former Navy SEALS and other military officers. It is intended for readers 18+ due to adult themes and content. The books can be read as standalones, or you may prefer a chronological reading order as follows:Prequel: Secure Runway (Kieran and Monique’s story)Book 1: Secure Desire (Ian and Cassie’s story)Book 2: Secure Again (Martin and Elizabeth’s story)Book 3: Secure Heart (Julian and Holly’s story)Book 4: Secure Her (Zach & Saoirse’s story)Book 5: Secure Decision (Wes & Ellie’s story)Book 6: Secure Return (Troy & Gwen’s story)Book 7: Secure Beginning (Kip & Harper’s story)