Sunset Love

By (author)Grace Meyers


When it transpires that Lydia Doubleday’s husband of 20 years is a conman and a cheat she is left devastated. Uncertain about the direction in which her life is now taking her, Lydia makes the decision to move to Florida to look after her elderly aunt. But a meeting with the handsome and alluring Richard suddenly throws another dilemma into the melting pot of Lydia’s life. He’s perfect in every way but can she really give up on her marriage even after all her husband has done?


How well can you really know someone?

Reeling from the shock of discovering her husband of 20 years is a conman and a cheat, 42-year-old Lydia Doubleday knows she needs a change of scenery to collect the tattered pieces of her former life. Embarking on a trip to the sunny beaches of Florida to care for her aging and eccentric aunt, Lydia wrestles with her own demons as she tries to build better relationships with her gossiping aunt and her troubled daughter.

But when she stumbles upon the handsome and alluring Richard, she’s forced to question everything she knows about love. Richard is perfect in every way… but the thought of abandoning her husband, no matter how chaotic their marriage has become, gives her doubts.

Can Lydia make the impossible choice between her shattered past and her hopes for a stable future? And can she find her dream romance on the sunny beaches of Miami?

This heartwarming and wholesome romance collection will take you away on a beautiful trip to a beach where true love is possible and anyone can build a new life. With a host of eclectic characters and a gorgeous setting, the Miami Beach Series is one you won’t soon forget. Scroll up and grab your copy today!

This is Book 1 of 5 in the series. 

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