The Aerial Acrobat Mystery: a Cozy for You to Solve

By (author)Julie Davenham


Step right up and immerse yourself in an interactive mystery, solving the case of Lola, the aerial acrobat turned murder victim. With “Choose Your Own Way” storytelling, gather clues, engage with circus performers and village members, and bring the culprit to justice with this engaging British village cozy mystery. Get ready for a clean, satisfying journey of mystery and adventure, where you are the detective!


Unleash your inner detective and solve this interactive mystery!Immerse yourself in “Choose Your Own Way” style storytelling. By gathering clues and unravelling the truth, can YOU bring the culprit to justice?The circus has come to the village of Much Happening, but what initially seemed like a tragic accident involving Lola, the talented aerial acrobat, has taken a sinister turn – it’s now believed to be murder.Guided by Peggy, a trusted family friend with a knack for solving mysteries, you’ll travel to the diverse locales within the village. Engage in conversations with the circus troupe and members of the village to unearth the elusive pieces of the puzzle to unveil the truth.Step right up and investigate! Get ready for a satisfying journey of mystery, adventure, and decision-making. You, the Detective!This book follows British English spelling and usage.Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.Genre: mystery you get to solve / solvable British village cozy mystery / series / older woman amateur sleuth / British detective mystery / traditional mystery / charming village characters / solve a murder mystery book.