The Blomes and the Smooms and the Impossible Bridge


In a beautiful valley, the Blomes and the Smooms are locked in an ugly feud, but they must come together to build a bridge. With their differing values and desires, the two groups find themselves in a heated battle, but will they find a way to work together and bridge the gap, or remain divided forever?


The beautiful valley is full of ugly fighting between the Blomes and the Smooms. If they can’t learn to work together, the bridge will never be built.The Blomes and the Smooms think they have nothing in common. The Blomes don’t care how things look. They just love to learn and invent. The Smooms love beauty. They strive to create it wherever they can. The trouble is, each group has things the others want. When the Blomes and the Smooms decide to build a bridge to bring their two groups closer, they find themselves fighting worse than ever before. Can they find a way to work together to build the bridge, or will the Blomes and the Smooms stay divided forever?