The Fledglings

By (author)Max Hennessy


Join Martin and his friend Frank as they eagerly rush into the fray of World War I, their bravery overshadowed by the harsh reality of the danger ahead. Meanwhile, Geoffrey seeks an escape from the horrors of the trenches, finding a new kind of warfare in the R.F.C. Will they all find the adventure they seek, or will the war change them forever? Step into the thrilling world of the First World War in this action-packed page-turner.


Man against man. Face to face. One machine against another.It was shortly after the outbreak of the First World War. Martin Falconer and his friend, Frank, were anxious to ‘get into the scrap’ as soon as possible, their youth blinding them to the real danger of it all.Geoffrey, Martin’s elder brother, knew that it wasn’t a game. He had fought in the trenches, been wounded and had seen friends die.For Geoffrey the R.F.C. offered an opportunity to escape the mud and horror of the Front, while for Martin and Frank it was the chance to be in at the start of a totally different kind of fighting. They were to be pioneers.A scintillating, full-throttle thriller of the First World War, perfect for fans of W. E. Johns, Derek Robinson and Geoffrey Wellum.