The Traitors We Are: Crown and Tide Book 1

By (author)Michael Roberti

In “The Traitors We Are,” the Reach launches a war to retake their homeland from the control of the Midlands, leading to treachery and questioned loyalty. Critics praise the book for its well-laid intrigue and epic action scenes, making it a must-read for fans of political scheming and court intrigue.


Summary:After people from across the sea take control the Midlands, the Reach launches a war to retake their home. Treachery and intrigue lead to questioned honor and loyalty, as leaders sell out friends and brothers in a personal bid for power.Praise for The Traitors We Are:“Wow. What a great study it well-laid intrigue.” —Andrew D Meredith, author of the Kallattian Saga and Needle and Leaf series“Especially with an epic story like this, debuts often don’t manage to pull off all the politics and plots satisfyingly, but Traitors We Are decidedly managed to hit those nails right on the head!”—Julia Sarene, SPFBO Judge“Traitors starts after an epic battle, and it keeps going without taking a breath. It pulls you into a dark world filled with turmoil, plots, and exciting action scenes. It keeps the reader guessing, constantly wondering what will come next in the turmoil of the world that the author has beautifully created.”—Jord Reads, Middle of Nowhere“Traitors will most certainly be in that conversation I have with myself every December about what my favorite book of the year was.”—David’s Best Reads“Take notes, y’all. This is how you do court intrigue and political scheming in a fresh new light.”—Joseph John Lee, author of the Spellbinders and Gunslingers series“Mr. Roberti’s action sequences are page-turning and well done, with detail and emotion…”—Matthew Zorich, author of The Bastards of Liberty“The Traitors We Are is a phenomenally well crafted adventure in a unique setting…”—Reed Logan Westgate, author of the Baku Trilogy and Soulstealer Trilogy