Young Adult

    The Size of Your Dreams: a Novel That Transforms Lives

    What if you could transform your life, your health, your relationships, your finances, and your self-image in just five minutes a day? What if you could learn to do all of that while being engrossed in a story that brings the techniques you’ll need to life? Introducing a groundbreaking novel that’s been compared to The Karate Kid, Dead Poets Society, and Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Dive into the most transformative year in the lives of Kelvin, Christy, Darnell and Jarod as they manifest the seemingly impossible and prove that an activated mind is capable of making dreams of any size a reality. The Size of Your Dreams is not just a story, it’s a book that teaches you the tools to manifest your own dreams.
    Religion & Spirituality

    Hold That Thought: Build Clarity, Peace, and Joy by Gaining Mastery Over Your Thinking

    Do you struggle with frustration, anxiety, or anger? Good news: These emotions are caused by passing thoughts. Great News: You are not your thoughts. Fantastic News: You can learn how to effectively question your thoughts and free your mind. This fun-to-read book is packed with tools to help you: Identify the thoughts that cause distress. Recognize negative patterns. Understand how your thoughts impact you. Learn lessons from every thought you have. Cultivate clarity, peace, and compassion.