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    Buddhism for Beginners: All you need to start your journey

    Whether you are interested in learning about Buddhism or looking to make changes in your life, Buddhism for Beginners has you covered. Written in a style that is simple and engaging, it explores the history of Buddhism, its philosophies, and its relevance in today’s society. The book provides numerous meditative exercises that will allow you to experience the wondrous teachings of this ancient wisdom. Inside you will read about… ✓ A Brief History of Buddhism✓ The Spread of Buddhism✓ The Servant or the Master: Which One are You?✓ Self-Identification with the Mind and Body✓ Meditation✓ The Presence of Mindfulness✓ The Principle of Karma✓ Dualistic versus Non-Dualistic Perspectives✓ The Principle of Non-Substantiality✓ One’s Life and the Environment✓ Sentient and Non-Sentient Beings✓ Attachment✓ The Ten Worlds The author explains how Buddhism is more than a religion; it’s an internal science. Rather than relying on dogma or sacred texts, Buddhism teaches us to look inward and challenge our most deep-seated beliefs for the purpose liberating ourselves from our minds.