• Horror

    Zombie Outbreak Survival: Get It Right or Die

    Captain Van Allen, USMC (Retired), a special operations trained combat officer, offers this second part in his lengthy series of public service projects. Included here is everything you need know about zombies, real zombies, to make sure you get it right and survive. -A pandemic flu outbreak will start the zombie apocalypse.-Zombies can tell if you’re dead or not. Even if you cover yourself in zombie goop and act like a zombie, they will know.-You can get infected without getting bit.-Some of us are immune. Some of us are more immune than others.-Some of us can control zombies…a little.-There is a vaccine for the Z-virus, but it has a very high death and zombification rate. Chapters: 1) Zombie Outbreak Survival: Get it Right or Die2) Zombie Outbreak Survival: Mutant Zombie Incident – Panama3) Zombie Outbreak Survival: Real Zombies, Fact vs. Fiction4) Zombie Outbreak Survival: Prevention is the Best Cure5) Zombie Outbreak Survival: The Rules6) Zombie Outbreak Survival: Weaponology Forget most of what you think you know about zombies based on Hollywood movies, TV shows, and video games. What you don’t know will get you and everyone you love killed. In this public service announcement, Captain Allen offers the unfiltered and uncensored harsh reality of surviving real zombie outbreaks. He delivers expert level knowledge of zombie outbreaks, and shares recently declassified information to help you get ready for and survive the coming zombie apocalypse. Keep one fact in mind as you read Captain Allen’s PSAs: Surviving a zombie apocalypse is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid. If you want to live, read this, learn this, and ignore most of what you see or read anywhere else, before it’s too late. When the fecal matter impacts the rotating aerial oscillator and you find yourself up to your eyeballs in flesh eating zombies and lunatic apocalypse hooligans, you’ll be glad you took every chance you could to read every one of these definitive zombie apocalypse preparation PSAs you could get your hands on. It’s not too late, yet. Read more