Firefly Hollow

By (author)T. L. Haddix


In the mountains of Kentucky, Owen’s secluded life is disrupted by his neighbor Sarah’s return from college. As they fall in love, secrets and tragedies threaten their relationship. Can they overcome the odds?


Love was never part of his plan. Until she came along and changed everything.Owen Campbell is a man with secrets. He finds comfort in isolation, keeping to himself in the mountains of Kentucky. But when his lovely neighbor Sarah returns from college, he finds himself enchanted. Even though he knows better than to risk his heart, he can’t resist the pull toward her.As they begin to fall for each other, family tragedies and misunderstandings threaten to tear them apart. Will the secrets they keep and the heartache they endure be enough to drive them away from each other forever? Or will they find the strength and courage to fight for a love that’s worth all the risks?Set in the stunning backdrop of 1960s Appalachia, Firefly Hollow is a tale of secrets, love, and the courage to overcome all odds. It’s the first book in the Firefly Hollow Universe, which includes the Firefly Hollow Series and Firefly Hollow Generations.