Hearty Denny’s Copycat Recipes: Homestyle Breakfast and More Meals for Everyday Cooking

By (author)Martin Beasant

Discover the hidden gems of Denny’s menu with this cookbook, featuring delicious lunch and dinner options that go beyond breakfast. From tilapia and fiesta rice to impressive desserts, these hearty recipes are perfect for impressing friends or treating your family to a unique breakfast experience. Say goodbye to the notion of Denny’s as just a breakfast spot and indulge in a world of flavorful dishes that will leave you wanting more.


If you thought Denny’s served only breakfast meals, you got it wrong. This cookbook walks you right into some tasty lunch and dinner options that would wow your palate. . Pancakes, yes! Waffles, yes! But options like their tilapia and fiesta rice, pot roast, and impressive desserts give you hearty servings that you can’t get enough of.. Whether you’re looking to make a unique breakfast for the family or trying to impress some friends, these recipes won’t disappoint you.