By (author)Lexy Timms


Get ready for a thrilling ride with the King of Hades MC series, starting with “Sinner.” Follow the tale of a woman torn between two motorcycle club bad boys and the dangerous consequences that unfold. This exciting series is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!


Hate the sin, love the Sinner…I thought I was through with him, that biker bad boy who swept me off my feet seven years ago. I was going to get my life together, settle down with a normal nine to five guy and have a couple of kids. But after watching my best friend Zoe get everything I thought I wanted, I realized that wasn’t for me. I needed adventure and excitement, all the things that the Kings of Hades motorcycle club offered. The only problem was that Jasper was off the menu. I demanded a ring and he said no, so that was the end of that.Simon was just a replacement, someone to have fun with when I wasn’t working. We weren’t seriously involved. How could I be? He was a member of a rival gang with the nickname “The Reaper.” That wasn’t the kind of guy you put down roots with. How was I to know that Simon was hell bent on getting revenge on Jasper and the rest of the Kings for something that happened long ago? And that I would be caught in the crossfire?King of Hades MC SeriesBook 1 – SinnerBook 2 – Tempting SinnerBook 3 – Enticing Sinner