The Glow of the Dragon’s Heart

By (author)Willa Hart


After a lifetime in the system, some long-lost relatives finally take me in. I’ve always wanted to find my family, but when these perfect strangers turn out to be perfectly strange – hello, they believe in dragons! – I’m ready to bolt. Until I lay eyes on five of the most handsome guys I’ve ever seen. Who knew dragons could be so…hot?


Who knew dragons could be so…hot?

I grew up as a trashbag kid. I don't want to even try counting how many foster homes I've lived in since I was orphaned at the age of five.

When some long-lost relatives take me in during my last year in the system, I'm careful to remain on my best behavior. Finding family and living happily ever after has always been a secret fantasy, so getting the boot would be devastating.
But these perfect strangers are turning out to be perfectly strange. Like when they tell me dragons are real and my great-aunt's husband just happens to be one.


But before I can pack my few belongings and bolt, I see the evidence with my own eyes. Then I catch sight of my new uncle's five gorgeous nephews and decide…maybe dragons aren't so bad after all.

Prequel ~ The Glow of the Dragon's Heart –
Book 1 ~ The Spark of the Dragon's Heart –
Book 2 ~ The Heat of the Dragon's Heart –
Book 3 ~ The Flame of the Dragon's Heart (coming 7/29/2019)
Book 4 ~ The Fire of the Dragon's Heart (coming 9/19/2019)
Book 5 ~ The Blaze of the Dragon's Heart (coming 10/10/2019)