The Holiday Reunion

By (author)Sage Parker


A heartbroken Matilda seeks her true identity after discovering a family secret in a snowy small-town escape. Will she unravel her past during the holidays? (Book 1: The Holiday Reunion)


She wasn’t expecting to spend the holidays heartbroken and alone. But thanks to her soon-to-be ex-husband, everything she once had is now gone.

At 46 years old, all Matilda has is a backpack and a one-way ticket to her estranged cousins’ cabin in Washington. Adapting to the small-town lifestyle, Matilda makes a room in the attic, where she discovers a hidden box of odds and ends.

Inside is a picture of her as a child. Next to two other girls, and words that read: “My three beautiful daughters”

But Matilda is an only child. Or at least that’s what she’s always known.

Faced with the possibility that she has more family, Matilda must make a decision. Figure out who she really is or continue living a lie. But a grumpy man, snow storms, and hidden answers all still stand between her and the truth.

Will Matilda find out about her family’s past before the holidays? Or are some secrets buried for a reason?

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