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A Lion in the Grass
by Mark Zvonkovic
$12.99 $0.00
Set over the course of six decades, A Lion in the Grass documents the despair and hope of a spy who suffers the murder of friends and enjoys the success of mentoring protégés.The story is told through alternative viewpoints of Raymond, his protégés, and the French villain. The novel digs deeply into questions of love, self-doubt and hatred, all foisted upon Raymond during a career from which, he discovers, it is impossible to retire.An octogenarian ...
Fire in the Fjord (Charles Dollimore Book 2)
by M. C. Smith
$9.99 $0.00
It is February 1940 – just six months since Britain declared war on Germany.Hitler has set his sights on neutral Norway and its precious iron ore he needs to feed his voracious war machine. Control of Norwegian waters by Hitler’s forces would make breaking the Allied blockade of Germany a little easier. Risky – Britain’s Senior Service still rules the waves. His secret weapon – German air power, especially the fiendish dive-bomber, the Stuka.British Prime ...
Mail Order Bride: Susannah’s Story (Book 1) (Sweeping Montana Romances)
by Ella Camsen
$6.99 $0.00
She’s looking to run away. He’s trying to escape. Will they find infatuation and freedom in the Old West?New York, early 1900s. Susannah Craven longs to flee her life as a housekeeper. So when she sees a call for a mail-order bride in Montana, she’s thrilled to leave the wealthy family who treats her like a slave. But when she learns the ad was posted without the handsome bachelor’s knowledge, she gladly accepts a writing ...
The Shadow of a Ruthless Criminal: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Henry McConley
$0.99 $0.00
When Arthur Rogers gave up his badge, he didn’t expect to hold a gun in his hand ever again. He’s tired of fighting criminals and wants nothing more than to settle down and live a quiet life, in a safer town. His plans for a new beginning take an unexpected turn though, when the train he’s expecting is stopped by a gang who is holding a woman hostage. Leaving a woman helpless is not even ...
Dare To Be Scandalous (League of Unweddable Gentlemen Book 3)
by Tamara Gill
$8.99 $0.00
After inheriting a small fortune, Willow Perry has everything she’s ever wanted. Except a husband, that is. But not just any husband will do. She’s looking for a grand love—someone who will challenge and excite her. It’s just her folly that the one man who interests her is a notorious rake. He’s as wild and passionate as Willow is sheltered and staid. Love between such polar opposites would be impossible … wouldn’t it?Abraham Blackwood has ...
Lost Child
by Jean Dunstan
$11.99 $0.00
On October 27, 1915 a newborn baby was abandoned at a Catholic orphanage in New York City. The nuns called her Louise. Never adopted, at the age of 13, she was sent out west on an Orphan Train where she was placed out as a housekeeper and farm laborer. Unwanted and unloved she fought to survive in a lonely, abusive environment and an uncertain future. Only the hope of escaping from her prison-like existence kept ...
Never a Lawman (Break Heart Brides Book 1)
by Rachel Bird
$14.99 $0.00
"A pure delight to read ..." Amazon reviewer"A twist I didn't see coming ~ a must read! ..." Amazon reviewerLove can ruin the perfect getaway...When Belle LeClair's US Marshal husband dies, she flees Boston and her wealthy, overbearing mother-in-law to start a new life in the West. Since Sheriff Brady Fontana's fiancée was murdered on her way to join him in Colorado, guilt and regret have made him immune to love. But when he rescues a ...
The Night Whisperer
by Ornella Grey
$16.65 $0.00
Enter a world of grand balls and house parties where death lurks in every shadow.Porphyria Thaxton took for granted that she was destined to marry a wealthy gentleman and live a life of luxury. Now she finds herself unwelcome in her ancestral home and pressured to marry a man she detests. But when a foreign nobleman occupies nearby Lichmere Abbey, Porphyria’s fortunes take an unexpected turn, and soon she is torn between two dangerous men, ...
The Masquerade: A Legacy of Love Novel
by Melanie Dobson
$3.99 $0.00
The man who Elena Bissette loves is the one man she's not allowed to marry. Near the end of the glamorous Gilded Age, Elena's family is spending one last summer at their fashionable home on Mackinac Island. They've lost their family fortune, and Mrs. Bissette is determined to arrange a marriage between Elena and an elusive millionaire named Chester Darrington.Elena quickly tires of the extravagant dinners and masquerade balls, preferring to spend her evenings watching ...
Twilight’s Encore: Wounded Hearts- Book 3
by Jacquie Biggar
$12.99 $0.00
What readers are saying:Coming home has never been sweeter! Jacqui NelsonWhat a captivating story. Twilight's Encore is the third bookof Wounded Hearts series. This is Ty's and Katy's story, i haveto say what a beautiful story!!! Nicole- Reading AlleyOne man's betrayal will seal another's fate.Ty Garrett fell in love with Katy Fowler as a young adult. Her father’s betrayal yanks the couple apart, and Ty turns bitter. After a decade away, Katy returns to Tidal Falls with ...