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Welcome, book lover! Are you looking for Kindle book deals? OHFB features limited-time sales of the best free and bargain Kindle books from the biggest publishers and bestselling independent authors. These are today's featured books:
Crossing the Line
by Ellen Wolfson Valladares
$16.95 $0.00
Laura, who died thirty years ago, enlists the help of a tenacious high school reporter named Rebecca, who is very much alive. Rebecca, although skeptical and conflicted by her supposed encounters with a spirit, determines to learn the truth about Laura’s tragic death. As the clues unravel and their worlds collide, Rebecca finds herself at a dangerous crossroads.
by John Koloen
$14.99 $0.00
A deadly carnivorous insect.A scientific expedition trapped in the remote Brazilian rainforest.One horror filled night.
Surrender the Stars
by Cynthia Wright
$14.99 $0.00
Ryan Coleraine, adventurer and spy, and Lindsey Raveneau, a proper English schoolmistress hiding a passionate soul, forge a love that nothing can alter--even Ryan's masquerade as Lindsey's brother to help the American cause.
The Lunar Effect
by C.J. Pinard
$10.53 $0.00
What happens when a natural-born werewolf gets bitten by a vampire? When Ayla St. John finds herself on the wrong side of a vampire's fangs, the psychic visions that begin to plague her are crippling. Deciding she's had enough of being a victim, she starts hunting vampires. Until she meets Kellan - a sexy vampire she may just not be able to resist.
Never Procrastinate Again
by Arlo Rigby
$0.99 $0.00
Procrastination is a nasty issue that affects all of us. It upends our productivity, drags our life goals out of reach, and inevitably leads to stress and stolen sleep. This book reveals the causes behind your procrastination habits and teaches you research-backed, practical strategies that professionals all around the world use to overcome them.
Where Will You Spend Eternity?
by Debby Sibert
$6.99 $0.00
Are you absolutely sure you will go to Heaven when you die? What is your destiny? What will happen to you when you die? Do you know for certain where you're headed? Do you even know how serious that question is? This book tells you how to change the trajectory of your life. It is a must read if you still are not sure of your destiny. Debby walks you through the process and even ...
Murder Most Thorny (Myrtle Grove Garden Club Mystery Book 2)
by Loulou Harrington
$3.99 $0.00
When Jesse Camden, owner of the Gilded Lily Tea Room and Coffee House, agrees to meet her childhood friend, Winnie Rogers, for a morning of girl talk and reminiscing, or fishing as Winnie likes to call it, Jesse anticipates a morning of shared confidences over a picnic brunch in the countryside. But spring in Oklahoma can be unpredictable, and when a tornado drops out of a wall cloud practically on top of them, Jesse and ...
Don’t Leave Me Breathless: Book 1 in the Summer-Scipio Trilogy
by A Kelly
$15.90 $0.00
A gripping romantic suspense about one woman's fight to protect the only man she lovesSummer Rideau, a beautiful but troubled young lawyer, is not the kind of girl to fall in love and settle down. But reeling from a series of traumatising events, Summer finds comfort in a convicted criminal, Bobby Swinburne, whose twisted ideas of intimacy fulfil her penchant for pain.As their violent marriage grows out of hand, Summer desperately fights and escapes. But ...
Gun Dealing: A police procedural mystery (The Ryder Quartet Book 2)
by Ian Patrick
$9.99 $0.00
Trace the weapons and catch the assassins. Detectives on the hunt for criminals out of control.
Behind Blue Eyes: A Colorado Academy of Superior Intellect romantic thriller (CASI Book 1)
by TL Schaefer
$7.99 $0.00
Her deadly secret could be the only thing that saves her.Crime-scene photographer Sara Covington hides behind her camera from the otherworldly ability that’s caused her nothing but grief her whole life. Yet denial doesn’t protect her when she runs across a serial killer with an aural signature she’s never encountered.Suddenly she’s without a job and with nowhere to turn…except to an enigmatic, sexy-as-hell detective with a disquieting talent for seeing right through her defenses.Brian Roney’s ...