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Welcome, book lover! Are you looking for Kindle book deals? OHFB features limited-time sales of the best free and bargain Kindle books from the biggest publishers and bestselling independent authors. These are today's featured books:
The Devil You Know
by Terry Tyler
$2.99 $0.00
Every serial killer is someone's friend, spouse, lover or child....Young women are being murdered in the Lincolnshire town of Lyndford, where five people fear someone close to them might be the monster the police are searching for.One of them is right.Juliet sees an expert's profile of the average serial killer and realises that her abusive husband, Paul, ticks all the boxes. Maisie thinks her mum's new boyfriend seems too good to be true. Is she ...
by J. Randolph Cresenzo
$15.99 $0.00
OMMON PLEAS (A TALE OF WHOA!) is a legal thriller dripping in humor set in rural North Carolina in the mid-1980's. If John Grisham, Harper Lee, and Larry the Cable Guy were penned for a weekend in a cabin with nothing but a typewriter and an ample supply of bourbon, wine, and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, something like this might result. Read as the Good, the Bad, and the Butt Ugly collide in this riotous ...
Crush, Interrupted: A Second Chance Romance
by Zaida Polanco
$0.99 $0.00
She's convinced her life is falling apart -- hello struggle bus, party of one! The last thing she needs right now is another complication. Or a hot, adoring man taking up space in her frazzled brain. No matter how sexy his abs are... Rosie Gonzalez's life is in shambles. She's a writer... but she can't actually write anymore, which is turning out to be a bit of a problem. After losing a big contract, she decides to finally ...
Once More: A Second Chance Romance (Hard Rock Love Book 3)
by Allie Hayden
$0.99 $0.00
She’s like a drug I can never get over. I’m addicted. Like a fiend itching for his next hit. A lion waiting on his next meal.After what happened last summer… She’s finally back in my life.And just like that. This lust has returned. There’s no way in hell I’m letting her go this time. My sweet sweet little Lily, the love of my childhood. You will be mine again.But first—we need to handle this little ...
A Venture of the Heart (Silver Bay Book 1)
by Amelia Judd
$9.99 $0.00
"Hello, Pax. It's good to see you again."And with those frigid words, karma kicked him in the gut and blew his dreams into a million tiny pieces.Tasked with evaluating an adrenaline-pumping adventure resort, sensible banker Sage Somerset travels to Costa Rica, determined to remain cool around Paxton Bennett, a man from her past who's even more pulse-pounding and potentially dangerous than the activities offered by his resort.Pax Bennett needs a loan to save the socially ...
Ghosts and Villagers
by Sammy Garrison
$0.99 $0.00
Leo Taurino is more than burdened with a unique gift: seeing the ghosts in the art museum. None of his friends were able to, nor strangers. But, getting to know them has its benefits, especially uncovering how they became ghosts. The crystals lead Leo, Jane, Remi, Annalina, and Casey to Terra, a duplicate of Earth from dozens of millions of years ago. The outcomes are drastically different, from the animals, 20-foot cacti trees, and the ...
Super Human: The next stage of human evolution is what you think
by Dan Pouliot
$9.88 $0.00
Will Freeman is an anxious teenager. He discovers—along with his new friend Lily— an unusual item in his attic. She shows it off in public, unleashing a series of events that changes their lives forever. A stranger claims it holds the key to the next stage of humanity's evolution. Malevolent forces and silent orbs will stop at nothing to retrieve it, even abducting Lily and forcing her at gunpoint onto an unearthly craft. Will—along his ...
Retreat to Woodhaven (The Hills of Burlington Book 2)
by Jacie Middlemann
$0.99 $0.00
Retreat to Woodhaven is the second book in The Hills of Burlington series. It is a story of family, both the one we were born with and those we meet along the way.Jake Kyle needed to get away and never more so than now. The political quagmire that he’s help to bring to a boil is about to land on his doorstep. Under normal circumstances he’d be more than happy to take his critics on ...
Paradise Lost
by John Milton
$4.99 $0.00
In Paradise Lost Milton produced poem of epic scale, conjuring up a vast, awe-inspiring cosmos and ranging across huge tracts of space and time. And yet, in putting a charismatic Satan and naked Adam and Eve at the centre of this story, he also created an intensely human tragedy on the Fall of Man. Written when Milton was in his fifties - blind, bitterly disappointed by the Restoration and briefly in danger of execution - ...
The Teachings of a Toltec Survivor
by Koyote the Blind
$9.99 $0.00
This artifact is based on the lectures given by Koyote the Blind during the esoteric course on Toltec teachings. Through autobiographical account and humor the Nahual spoke to a group of spiritual seekers in 2007, during the Spring Equinox. These esoteric lectures are much more than data and ideas, they are a live invocation of otherworldly spaces that affected everyone present, triggering in them a transformation know as the Great Work. This book is a ...


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