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Welcome, book lover! Are you looking for Kindle book deals? OHFB features limited-time sales of the best free and bargain Kindle books from the biggest publishers and bestselling independent authors. These are today's featured books:
Hot Boy: A Second Chance, Firefighter Romance (Blue Collar Bachelors Book 4)
by Cassie-Ann L. Miller
$11.99 $0.00
Save a fire truck. Ride a firefighter. Isn't that what they say?Ben Riggs says he loves me. He says he hasn't stopped thinking about me since he broke my heart and chased me out of town all those years ago...I say liar liar pants on fire.And boy, do those bright yellow, flame-resistant fireman pants look good on him. I'm aching to feel those big, rough hands clenching on my hips and to collect on the ...
Twisted (Book One of The Twisted Series 1)
by Emily Rose
$8.99 $0.00
All Reanna “Ray” Adams wanted was a fresh start somewhere that wasn’t her drug head mother’s house. With her best friend and her boyfriend by her side, Reanna found shelter in the small town of Hampton, Georgia. But a night out with her best friend changed everything. Twisted was one of the busiest bars in Hampton. It was also the last place she ever thought she would see him. Miles Conrad. He used to be ...
Blaze: Firefighter Insta Love (Hard Hats Book 2)
by Tarin Lex
$0.99 $0.00
Blaze: Hard Hats Book 2Firefighter Insta Love, Curvy Single Mom RomanceBlazeFirefighting is not a job—it is The Job. It’s my whole life, outside of close family.That is until one feisty, gritty, sweet and curvy Ditra Meyer shows up at precisely the worst time. Mathematically I should never see her again. But fate is no mathematician, and there just might come a less imperfect time to go for it with the perfect woman.DitraI’m not sure I ...
Sinful Truth (Sinful Truths Book 1)
by Ella Miles
$15.99 $0.00
She saved me. Pulled me from the depths of the ocean. Siren—her name fits. She is beauty; her voice heavenly. But unlike the mythical version, Siren didn’t lure me to my death. She saved me. And now, seeing her about to be sold to the highest bidder, I know it’s my turn to save her. ——I was raised to always tell the truth, no matter what. And it’s served me well. Until today. Today, I ...
A Most Unsuitable Earl (Marriage by Scandal Book 2)
by Ruth Ann Nordin
$12.99 $0.00
Ethan Silverton, the Lord of Edon, is very content with his life. He’s carefully sculpted it so that everyone thinks he’s a notorious rake. For years, he’s worked hard to build his reputation to secure his place as the most undesirable bachelor in London. And it’s worked. No decent lady will have him.But one simple error in judgment has just sealed his fate. His intention was to dissuade a horrid mother from matching him up ...
Keep Her Safe (The Guardian Series Book 1)
by Bella Young
$0.99 $0.00
She is all that matters to him now. Can he keep her out of harm’s way? Kaylin Lawrence has kept to herself as a trauma surgeon at Brooklyn United’s emergency ward. Always busy and eager to help her patients, she comfortably settles into her daily routine. Then, her life is thrown into a whirlwind when mysterious notes start appearing at her doorstep. Fearful for her life, Kaylin hires a bodyguard named Rusty Redmond. The attraction ...
Something Borrowed (Something Borrowed Series Book 1)
by Louisa George
$11.99 $0.00
She’s the jilted bridezilla. He’s the commitment-phobe best man. Can they work together for the sake of their businesses? Or should they avoid each other for the sake of their sanity?Chloe Cassidy has fallen out of love with love. Which, for a wedding planner, is a highly inconvenient turn of events. When her longtime sweetheart jilts her at the altar Chloe's belief in happy-ever-after disappears along with her groom. But this attitude has her business ...