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Welcome, book lover! Are you looking for Kindle book deals? OHFB features limited-time sales of the best free and bargain Kindle books from the biggest publishers and bestselling independent authors. These are today's featured books:
Last-Minute Walk-In (Irons and Works Novellas Book 1)
by E.M. Lindsey
$0.99 $0.00
It’s three years into the future, and both Derek and Basil have found their happiness with each other. Their lives are content—as complete as they’re ever going to be. Basil’s still running his florist shop, and Derek’s still putting his mark on people through ink and art. Together, they offer what support they can to the teens living at the Ted House shelter that Derek and his brother, Sage, have worked hard to get up ...
Small Change (Small Change #1) (Middle of Somewhere #4)
by Roan Parrish
$14.99 $0.00
Ginger Holtzman has fought for everything she’s ever had—the success of her tattoo shop, respect in the industry, her upcoming art show. Tough and independent, she has taking-no-crap down to an art form. Good thing too, since keeping her shop afloat, taking care of her friends, and scrambling to finish her paintings doesn’t leave time for anything else. Which … is for the best, because then she doesn’t notice how lonely she is. She’ll get ...
The Light of Supremazia ((after)life lessons Book 1)
by (Siegel) Mag, Alana
$6.99 $0.00
Young adult, paranormal, romance and adventure series. Reverse harem. Cozy mystery.Think it's difficult to get into Harvard University? Try Vita Post Mortem Academy, a prestigious high school where John F. Kennedy teaches a class called American Ghosts stories, Albert Einstein grades science tests, and history's most brilliant and deceased minds make up the rest of the teaching staff. Not a problem for Jules Winklevoss, one of the few who can see spirits.Getting into school was ...
Punish: A Dark Captive Romance (Protect Book 2)
by Vivian Wood
$11.99 $0.00
A dark tale of obsession, beauty, and lust! Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Bestseller Vivian Wood writes dark romance as OLIVIA RYANN.Stolen and abducted… yet in the same stroke, saved.On one hand, I escaped certain death at the hands of people who have already hurt me.On the other, now I’m trapped with him.The rival of my abuser, who is every bit as terrifying. Dark and sinfully handsome, he wants me.He wants me to ...
Bound Through the Ashes (Bound Series Book 1)
by Danelle Nelson
$13.99 $0.00
He had managed to kill both men, and from a distance. If he wanted me dead, I imagine I would be….Lorena has found herself in the middle of a robbery, an odd one at that. The time she came from is no longer, the elder woman she ran into had sent her back. Sent her back in time. How was it possible? She didn’t know. What she did know was she wasn’t safe. The man ...
Hate Loving You
by Aubrey Wright
$2.99 $0.00
I gave him my virginity and he broke my damn heart.Now he's back in town for my big brother's wedding.And we're stuck in this chapel together.Still the same ol' Carter.Cool with a capital "C".Enough swagger to charm the panties off every cheerleader.Well, my panties aren't going anywhere.What he did to me was unforgivable.Or so I thought.He's still my enemy.But maybe we can be... frenemies?
No Time for Loving (Time for Love Book 2)
by Vanessa Grant
$11.99 $0.00
Since taking over the family business after the death of her father, Sarah Stellers has become a master organizer and super delegator. But when her Aunt Lori calls in a panic to say her landlord is evicting her from her apartment, delegating isn’t an option. Sarah must fly to remote Elizabeth Lake and help her beloved aunt.But she's not prepared for a terrifying, white-knuckle flight through a blinding snowstorm, or for the pilot to drop ...
Selfie (Australian Heat Book 2)
by Leslie Johnson
$2.99 $0.00
Scorching hot with HEAHunter Cox is the hottest guy in our university campus. Everyone there has filthy fantasies about him.So do I, but I can’t actually admit to having them.Because he pays me to tutor him.When he stays over at my house one night, I can’t help sneaking downstairs to take a peek at him.But what happens next goes beyond anything I could have imagined.
Drawn To You (#1 Conklin’s Blueprints) (Conklin’s Trilogy)
by Brooke Page
$12.99 $0.00
What do you do when your predictable life goes spiraling out of control? When your supposed childhood friend commits the most brutal betrayal, completely gutting you, destroying the life you thought you were meant to have? You make dangerous, careless decisions with your best friend, completely molding yourself into someone you’re not. I thought clubs, alcohol, and promiscuity would numb my pain, sculpt me into the person I should be; strong, confident, alive… I was ...
Beautiful Mistakes: A Contemporary Romance Box Set
by Victoria Snow
$0.99 $0.00
4 full length novels for readers who love accidental marriages, surprise pregnancies, secret babies and swoon worthy hot alphas. Books included:Married by Mistake: Mistake number one: Getting drunk in Vegas.Mistake number two: Waking up in HIS bed with a HUGE rock on my finger (and our clothes missing).Mistake number three: He is my best friend’s brother!Baby by Mistake:Royal a$$h0le, daddy’s best friend, and also my new boss.But how on earth did we end up making ...


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