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Welcome, book lover! Are you looking for Kindle book deals? OHFB features limited-time sales of the best free and bargain Kindle books from the biggest publishers and bestselling independent authors. These are today's featured books:
The Lone Wolf’s Wish (Sedona Pack Book 0)
by Lisa Kessler
$2.99 $0.00
National Excellence in Romance Fiction Finalist - Best NovellaShane Dodd has lost everything, his Pack, his home, and hope. His only wish this Christmas is to live long enough to exact revenge on the Nero assassin he believes killed his Pack. But when he steps between a bullet and Piper Holland everything changes. The woman dressed as one of Santa's elves is his mate, and she ignites a flame in his heart. But hope and ...
Fate Bound (Fate Bound Saga Book 1)
by Madeline Freeman
$13.99 $0.00
One girl will change the supernatural world forever.When she’s fatally stabbed during a botched robbery, Ava’s life changes. She wakes to miraculously healed wounds, heightened senses, and a startling truth: She’s a werewolf.But things are not as they seem. Soon, Ava’s strength wanes and the only thing that can revive her is the one thing she shouldn’t need: human blood. She is a hybrid, an abomination that shouldn’t exist.When the supernatural community learns what Ava ...
Unveiled (Raven Daughter Book 1)
by A.D. Trosper
$12.99 $0.00
I’m Jo and the death of my mother revealed a whole lot of secrets she was keeping. Like the fact that my sperm-donor father was a freaking angel who couldn’t keep it in his pants and slept with a woman he should never have been with. Or the fact I’m not mortal and would one day be a reaper of souls. Reaping souls, now there is something I never dreamed I would do, but here ...
Midnight Prince: Blackthorne Bloodlines #1 (The Blackthorne Vampires Book 4)
by Kim Loraine
$13.99 $0.00
Our story begins the same as any ill-fated romance. Two households, two families, two species that should never be together.These are the recipe for tragic, beautiful love, fated to end in flames. She is my doom. She is my destiny. Unavoidable, impossible to deny, and painful to ignore. They call me Bastard Prince, a half-breed unworthy of a true title. But I still have to follow the rules. Serve the Blackthorne vampire bloodline.A shifter and ...
Alpha’s Birthday Virgin: A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance (Alpha’s Virgin Book 1)
by Casey Morgan
$2.99 $0.00
My brother's best friend is hot and he wants me, too.But what secret is keeping him from taking my virginity? I've known Stellan since I was young.Over the years, I've fallen for him and I know he feels the same way.He looks at me like he wants to rip my clothes off and devour me.On my eighteenth birthday, I want to give him a gift... my virginity.But what kind of secret is holding him back ...
Night Class
by Hannah Crow
$0.99 $0.00
All Rachel wants is to pass Professor Thane's class and keep her scholarship. When the handsome head of the History Department calls her to his office long after everyone else has gone home, she fears the worst, but what Thane has in store is a surprise beyond her wildest fantasies and darkest nightmares.Thane knows his history because he's lived through most of it. He's an ancient vampire, an immortal blood drinker whose supernature allure has ...
Moonrise (Moonkind Series Book 1)
by Ines Johnson
$9.99 $0.00
This Alpha's gonna take a bite out of his brother's fake fiancée. Sheltered Lucia is determined to find a new life and love. No wonder she falls for the first guy to flash her a wolfish smile her first day in the big city. After rescuing the charming shifter from certain death, she's sure he feels the same way about her, and will tell her so — just as soon as he wakes up from ...
Winter’s Edge (The Crimson Winter Reverse Harem Series Book 1)
by Lindsey R. Loucks
$2.99 $0.00
She’s blind. And she’s being hunted.Aika Song must make an important delivery through the cursed Crimson Forest for her injured father. If she doesn’t, they won’t survive the hard winter.She fails.But she’s rescued by wolf shifters who somehow give her sight.There’s beautiful, funny Archer who can’t quite hide his pain. Grady who’s sullen and loud. And Thomas, their alpha, who mysteriously vanishes.Aika is desperate to get back home but finds herself entangled in her father’s secrets. ...
Nightfall (The Huntsman Clan Book 1)
by Rose Alexander
$10.00 $0.00
My name is Lia, just your average sixteen year old bear shifter, or so I thought. The night of my first shift, I found out it was all a lie. Not only am I adopted, but I'm not a bear shifter at all.I'm taken away from the only home I've ever known and thrust into a life I know nothing about. Now I'll have to learn to navigate the social structure of this new clan ...
Bound by Earth: The Nature Hunters Academy Series, Book 1
by Quinn Loftis
$14.99 $0.00
Tara Thompson cannot be injured. Since the night her parents died in a tragic accident, she hasn’t felt pain of any kind, not so much as a papercut. And she has no idea why. Though her body healed quickly, her heart and soul took its time. Luckily, a loving foster mom and an unwanted best friend stepped in to speed up the process. Despite Tara’s best efforts, her new BFF, Shelly Smith, just wouldn’t go ...