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  • Young Adult

    Ink: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure Novel (Tribe Book 1)

    A rebellious youth endowed with divine gifts. Will he end or trigger widespread destruction? Christian Blake loves being a menace to stiff, upper-class society. But after he saunters into a magical tattoo shop, the teenaged troublemaker is stunned when ancient runes supernaturally sear into his chest. Now bonded with the feral god of disruption, he’s suddenly wrestling with chaotic powers over wind and storms… and a being who seems intent on causing indiscriminate chaos. Pressured to quickly master his newfound command over nature, Christian resists teaming up with four other human hosts to take down a looming global threat. But with alien enemies infiltrating Earth’s governments, the mayhem-making teen must uncover their dark secrets and seize control of his destiny before everyone is doomed. Will Christian step up and prevent his world from being blown out beyond repair? Ink is the first book in the thrilling Tribe YA urban fantasy series. If you like snarky superheroes, imaginative coming-of-age stories, and high-stakes conflict, then you’ll love Jobie Baldwin’s action-packed adventure. Buy Ink to be branded by fate today! Read more
  • Religion & Spirituality

    A Sweet Florist’s Thorny Ruse: A Historical Western Romance Book

    Monica Nelson simply adored working alongside her beloved uncle at his flower shop. So the day he dies, her whole world is thrown into turmoil. In his will, her uncle leaves everything to her… and her husband. The problem is that Monica is single. Desperate and bewildered she doesn’t know which way to turn. Can Monica make a husband appear out of thin air or will she fall prey to those who wish to rob her of the business? What if her salvation ends up being somebody who has been there her whole life? As a bison hunter, Ollie Oakley is used to making a living from a dangerous job. Monica has been his best friend since childhood and they always watched out for each other fiercely. So when his soulmate is suddenly at risk of losing everything she ever cared about, he knows he has to find a way to help. Can he step in and make her a married woman in order for her to keep the shop though? Will this strengthen their bond even more or put their precious friendship at risk? Ollie’s proposal was the answer to Monica’s prayers. The two of them were always a team but could this ruse end up becoming more than just a convenient way to save the shop? Dangers seem to be all around them and they try to unravel the mystery together. Will they save each other, save the florist shop, and finally discover that friendship can bloom into true love? “A Sweet Florist’s Thorny Ruse” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Read more
  • Historical Fiction

    ARMOR #1, The Battle of North Africa: a Novel of Tank Warfare

    Near the end of 1942, more than 100,000 Allied soldiers board transports for what they believe will be a major invasion of Europe. Instead, they land in French North Africa to fight the German Army for the first time. In the midst of the invasion, an M4 Sherman tank rolls into combat. It is manned by a crew of five: John Austin, the commander; Anthony Russo, the driver; Charles Wade, the gunner; Amos Swanson, the loader; and Eugene Clay, the bow gunner. Cocky and confident in Allied victory, they expect the battle for North Africa to be a cakewalk. Soon, the Germans will teach them the harsh realities of armored warfare. To survive, they’ll have to show grit–and learn to work together. “If you’re looking for a great WW2 historical fiction audiobook about tanks, then you’re going to want to check this out.” – History X “An instant classic of World War II historical fiction … brilliantly written, populated with realistic and entirely human characters who stay with you long after finishing the last page, and searingly, unflinchingly open about the realities of combat during World War II as experienced by the crew of an M4 Sherman medium tank.” – The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer “Historically accurate, fun, and action-packed.” – Brian’s Book Blog Read more
  • Cookbooks

    All in the Sandwich Maker Cookbook: Hassle Free Sandwich Maker Recipes for All Seasons

    Is your Sandwich Maker working at its full potential? Oftentimes a few recipes accompany the appliance when bought, however Sandwich Maker Cookbook have put together 30 amazing recipes that will ensure your Sandwich Maker is used to its full potential. Sandwich Maker Cookbook has it all. It has great ideas with cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables. Don’t let sandwich making be a bore or bother. With the combination of your Sandwich Maker and the Sandwich Maker Cookbook, you can enjoy some delicious breakfast, brunch or supper with little effort! Read more
  • Cookbooks

    Mesmerizing Muffin Tin Memories: The Artful Collection of Muffin Tin Meals

    Muffin tin has garnered the reputation of being highly entertaining and kitchen friendly gadgets. Those small and beautiful gadgets can transform any basic recipes into something very special!! Muffin tin meals are ideal ones to enjoy at breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening snacks, and at dinner time!! Ahh, Muffin tins can whip up awesome party cuisines in real elegant manner. Apart from parties and special events, muffin tin recipes are ideal ones to have on any day of the week as they pack lots of nutritional values in them. Preparing lovely muffin tin meals creates fusion of portion control along with fun eating experience. In this muffin tin cookbook, I have compiled 25 muffin tin recipes that have always remained close to my heart and have always amazed me with its scrumptious taste every time I make those. The muffin cookbook captures the beauty of muffin tin recipes with artful pictures to delight both your eyes and mind. Reclaim the food craze with creative and delicious muffin tin treats!! Read more
  • Children's

    Minecraft Diary of Skeleton Steve the Noob Years – FULL Season Two (2): Unofficial Minecraft Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds – Adventure Fan Fiction Diary … Noob Mobs Series Diaries – Bundle Box Sets)

    Love MINECRAFT? **Almost 100,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book BOX SET is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game! The FULL SEASON TWO Box Set of **The Noob Years** (6 Episodes)… That’s SIX Minecraft Diary Books in ONE!!! Season 2 Episode 1 Hunting the Golden Apple Skeleton Steve, Elias the Enderman Ninja, and Slinger the Spider are back for more, heading west from Zombietown in search of a golden apple, hoping that it will revive our hero’s memory like it did for the mysterious enlightened zombie, Zenon. But as they travel to the castle of Elias’s Minecraftian friends, stopping to see new sights on the way, they have no idea that they aren’t alone… And to make matters worse, when they reach the castle, no one’s home! A dark and intense attack late in the night by the evil and terrifying Doomstreak Clan reminds Skeleton Steve and his friends that something dreadful is creeping in Diamodia, and Skeleton Steve is directly involved! Will our heroes be able to survive the evil Endermen ninja clan? Will Skeleton Steve get his bony hands on that golden apple? Season 2 Episode 2 Assault on the Ocean Monument Season 2 Episode 3 All Gold that Glitters… Season 2 Episode 4 My Minecraftian Life Season 2 Episode 5 Introducing the Steve Season 2 Episode 6 The Doomstreak ClanThe Season TWO Finale!! Love Minecraft adventure?? Buy this BUNDLE of books and read the “Skeleton Steve the Noob Years” Season Two TODAY! Join the Skeleton Steve Club! Check out my main website for details–it’s in the book!(Get free Minecraft goodies, tips, books, maps, skins, seeds, and more!) Author’s Note: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not approve, endorse, sponsor, or authorize this book.Minecraft®/TM & © 2009-2016 Mojang AB/Notch ***Tags: Minecraft Book, game fiction, Minecraft Books for Kids and Teens, minecraft games, game stories, game books, game story books, minecraft tips, minecraft secrets handbook, Minecraft Stories, kids books, minecraft free, minecraft xbox, minecraft story mode, minecraft handbook free, minecraft creepypasta, minecraft diary of a wimpy, game fanfiction, minecraft game, minecraft story book, Minecraft Steve series, minecraft journal book, minecraft comics, free kids books, Minecraft Kids Book, minecraft books for kids, Minecraft Villagers, Minecraft Creeper, herobrine, Minecraft Skeleton Steve, minecraftales, minecraft fanfiction, minecraft diaries, minecraft tales, minecraft short stories, minecraft gift, minecraft short story. Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Secret of the Painted Lady: a Danger Cove Renovation Mystery

    From USA Today bestselling authors Christina A. Burke and Elizabeth Ashby comes the first book in an exciting multi-author series… If these walls could talk…they’d scream murder. Alex Jordan is the owner of Finials and Facades Renovation and Restoration Services, making her able to pursue her love of restoring Victorian-style homes in the town of Danger Cove. But her recent acquisition of the stately Marlton House has led to a showdown with town real estate mogul, and now she has needs to restore the old house and flip it for a profit as quickly as possible. But Alex gets more than she bargained for when a Hawaiian shirt-clad tourist with a bullet in his head turns up in the home’s bathtub. Pairing up with the unlikely partner of the town florist, George Fontaine, Alex vows to solve the murder before her flip flops As Alex worries over deadlines, she stumbles across another body on the cliffs of Danger Cove. However, this “body” is a super-sexy man with amnesia…or so he says. Throw in a stash of stolen diamonds, a matchmaking grandmother, a foulmouthed parrot, and a mysterious killer with Alex in his sights, and Alex is in a race against time to salvage the job, solve the murder, and save her own life. “Secret of the Painted Lady is one funny read! I started reading and was just sucked right in…a great mystery with twist and turns.”~ Night Owl Reviews The Danger Cove books:Secret of the Painted Lady (book #1)Murder & Mai Tais (book#2)Death by Scones (book #3)Patchwork of Death (book #4)Deadly Dye & a Soy Chai (book #5)Killer Clue at the Ocean View (book #6)A Christmas Quilt to Die For (book #7)A Killing in the Market (short story in the “Killer Beach Reads” collection)Killer Colada (book #8)Passion, Poison & Puppy Dogs (book #9)A Novel Death (book #10)Clues in Calico (book #11)Sinister Snickerdoodles (book #12)Hurricanes & Heroes (book #13)A Death in the Flower Garden (book #14)Divas, Diamonds & Death (book #15)A Slaying in the Orchard (book #16)A Secret in the Pumpkin Patch (book #17)Deadly Dirty Martinis (book #18)A Poison Manicure & Peach Liqueur (book #19)Not-So-Bright Hopes (short story in the “Pushing Up Daisies” collection)Tequila Trouble (book #20)Deadly Thanksgiving Sampler (book #21)Killer Eyeshadow & a Cold Espresso (book #22)Two Sleuths Are Better Than One (book #23)Dark Rum Revenge (book #24)Cozy Room With a Killer View (book #25) Rating: This book does not contain any graphic sex, violence or swearing. It’s rating is similar to a PG-13 movie or network television show. Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Chicken Culprit: A heart-warming and humorous cozy mystery set in Colorado small mountain town. (A Backyard Farming Mystery Book 1)

    A light-hearted cozy mystery that will touch your heart and your funny-bone. When Anne Fremont discovers her neighbor dead in his compost pile, she’s thrust into the role of amateur detective. Who had the most to gain from the death and is Anne next on the list? Anne seeks to put her past behind her and moves to Carolan Springs, Colorado where she’s excited about fixing up the old Victorian she’s bought. But when her young neighbor, Kandi, begs for her help to clear her as a suspect in a neighbor’s death, Anne finds she can’t say no to the ditsy, young woman. As the suspect list grows, Anne is determined to clear Kandi’s name. This is the first book in the Backyard Farming series by Vikki Walton. Each book in the series has a backyard farming or suburban homestead theme and Chicken Culprit is about chickens and eggs, along with the theme of forgiveness. ◆◆◆Scroll up and buy this book now!◆◆◆ Read more
  • Romance

    Embers on Ice Trilogy: A Sweet & Feisty Small Town Holiday Romance

    Filled with holiday humor, tempers, sweet romance, a bit of suspense, and lots of food, Orion and Matt rediscover what it means to have hope, faith, love, joy, and a belief in something greater than themselves. Read all three books of the Embers on Ice series.Book 1: A Christmas in MontanaOrion McNalley has a heart the size of Texas—and a temper to match.Years in the military and living alone have made Matt Jefferson one callous man.Will the spirit of the season bring them together?Or will the secrets they hold inside keep them apart?Christmas is quickly approaching. Orion’s sleepy Montana town is bustling with returning family, vacationing students, and several unexpected visitors: a friend on the rebound, Orion’s volatile ex, and a handsome silver-eyed stranger.When a surprise letter arrives from Matt’s mother, it leads him deep into a snowy world of holiday magic and Irish fire that threaten to crack his shell. When a close friend of Orion’s becomes dangerously jealous and an ex reappears after years apart, stashing a message of warning in her pocket, Matt must decide if what he feels for Orion is worth the risk. A billionaire business owner who struggles with PTSD can’t just quit his life and move away to a small town to chase a woman with her own baggage. So why can’t he stop himself from thinking about her? “This Christmas story had the best of everything. A little suspense added a great deal to the background of Montana and a quiet town.”–Goodreads Reviewer, ★★★★★ Book 2: WildfireAs Matt and Orion’s love grows, so does the trouble brewing in their little Montana town. Orion’s insufferable ex has left, but not without one final warning: a bullet stashed in her coat pocket, stamped with a B. With Orion’s summer fire season approaching and Matt headed back to the city on an emergency call, Orion, alone, must face a past that doesn’t want to stay where it belongs.Orion’s disappearance has Matt falling apart at the seams. His nightmares don’t help. Torn between love and regret, Matt pushes through the symptoms of PTSD, risking it all for her.While trapped as a pawn in a black market scheme, Orion uncovers the reason for the recent violent disturbances of her peaceful home in the mountains. Orion will do anything to see justice served and peace preserved. She hopes Matt can forgive her for the choices she makes. Can Orion save Matt from his traumatic past?And will Matt be able to break free of his old ways and have faith in love again? Bonus link at the end:Experience Boone’s short side story with more on the Lost Shadows gang in Catching a Constellation.“A romantic suspense that had me glued to the pages…deals with PTSD and relationships, adds in humor and a bit of danger and weaves an interesting story…scenes are painted perfectly and the story flows fluidly.”–Goodreads Reviewer, ★★★★★ Book 3: Hibiscus ChristmasWedding plans crumble. Lost Shadows hunt them from every angle. Can Orion and Matt escape in Kauai?Orion McNalley and Matt Jefferson’s wedding is two weeks away, but a storm has moved into the Montana mountains, carrying heavy snow. Friends and family have been calling in all week, saying they won’t be able to come. Orion’s dream of a big wedding at her parents’ home is buried in white. But that isn’t Orion and Matt’s only problem.Boone and the Lost Shadows, who captured her and Matt months prior, haven’t all been found. And Matt never gave them what they wanted. Orion and Matt can’t help but watch their backs. This is the third and final installment of the Embers on Ice Series. I enjoyed this book tremendously. The characters are well written, full of life, also they have dark sides, and have problems to overcome. This book has a happy ending.–Goodreads Reviewer, ★★★★★ Some language & violence. Read more
  • Romance

    Dare To Tempt (Dare Nation Book 2)

    He’s a smooth talking jock in trouble She’s the solution to his problems. Love is the last thing they expected to find. Damon Prescott had it all. Star quarterback. Money. Fame. Now? He’s being accused of taking performance enhancing drugs and banned from the sport and team he loves. Determined to prove he’s innocent, he hires tough as nails private investigator, Evie Wolfe. She’s able to bring a man to his knees with a glare, yet sensual in ways that take him off guard – and she’s everything Damon didn’t know he needed. Evie’s used to men dismissing her, especially playboys like Damon Prescott so she’s not buying the sexual lines he’s trying to sell. She’s with him to do a job, nothing more. But you know what they say about the best laid plans? Sometimes you end up between the sheets with an arrogant football player anyway. But when the case is over, can Damon convince Evie she’s the only woman for him or will she leave him tied up in love? A stand-alone novelDARE NATION SERIESBook 1: Dare to Resist – ASIN: B0842B31PLBook 2: Dare to Tempt – ASIN: B0844N9LYKBook 3: Dare to Play – ASIN: B087ZRKKX6Book 4: Dare to Stay – ASIN: B089YC13VHBook 5: Dare to Tease – Novella Read more
  • Young Adult

    My Name Is Cree (Legends of the Forest Book 1)

    When outsiders invade Cree’s forest, she must flee and seek shelter among Tore Warriors – lethal and fierce. The legends and myths about the Tore people collide when she falls under their fold – legends of Forest People and shapeshifters, but learning their secrets may prove fatal.Secrets no dweller knows…Caught between her own fierce nature and Three Scars – her assigned protector, they face danger from all sides. The closer she draws to him a new concern arises – her growing dependence on Three Scars battles her wild and free spirit and she must reconcile her heart or face the consequences. But Three Scars holds secrets of his own, and the closer she gets the more dangerous things become. Every step deeper into their forest threatens to keep Cree far from hers. She must fight for her life, learn to trust her heart, and find the answers that can lead her home – but home may be closer than she thinks.My Name is Cree is a full length YA paranormal romance novel (229 pages)***T.K. Richardson lives in the high country of a national forest, in a cabin built around 1909. The scenery, trees, creeks, rivers and rocks in this story are drawn from her forest home. She shares her forest with bears and mountain lions and legends of Forest People which lend to the rich heritage of her way of life as well as the daily dangers they present. Many of the scenes found within this book are drawn from her encounters. The sunsets, too, are typical of what this story depicts – a forest where the trees are so tall and the forest so thick that a sunset is never seen, and the wind that pushes through the treetops sounds like waves in the ocean. Her knowledge of tracking animals, foraging for wild edibles, and surviving in a wild and free land as well as her childhood memories of Native American culture were the inspiration for this story. It is a work of fiction – mostly… Read more
  • Horror

    Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus

    For centuries, the story of Victor Frankenstein and the monster he created has held readers spellbound. On the surface, it is a novel of tense and steadily mounting dread. On a more profound level, it illuminates the triumph and tragedy of the human condition in its portrayal of a scientist who oversteps the bounds of conscience, and of a creature tortured by the solitude of a world in which he does not belong. A novel of almost hallucinatory intensity, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein represents one of the most striking flowerings of the Romantic imagination. Read more
  • Horror

    The Crystal Eye: An Epic Fantasy Saga (The Crystalline Chronicles Saga Book 1)

    The power of the ancient dragon lords has been unearthed. Can an escaped slave hope to control that power or will it ultimately destroy him? Dusk has been a slave for ten years, captured and forced to work by the noble’s henchmen. When he stumbles upon a hidden cave and uncovers the long-lost remains of an ancient dragon lord, a strange feeling urges him to pluck a mysterious crystal from its skull. The next day Dusk is given a chance to escape his torment thanks to an attack on the slavers. He seizes it without hesitating, the crystal tucked safely in his boot and hopefully his key to starting a new life. Now he’s on the run as an escaped slave with danger waiting around every corner. Against his better judgment, he accepts help on the road, but it isn’t enough to stop the forces that pursue him.When he’s attacked by a mysterious band of black-cloaked figures, the crystal merges with his body and unleashes a torrent of fire and death. With no explanation and assailants hot on his trail, Dusk runs for the border of Ditania, hoping to escape at last. Can Dusk secure his freedom at last or will the magic of the crystal be his downfall? Curl up with The Crystal Eye and start your epic adventure today! The Crystal Eye is the first novel in the COMPLETE epic fantasy adventure series, The Crystalline Chronicles. If you like sassy characters, wild twists, and powerful reveals, then you’ll love Blake R. Wolfe’s adventure-packed story. Great for fans of Dungeons and Dragons, The Chronicles of Narnia, Final Fantasy, and J.R.R. Tolkein. Read more
  • Religion & Spirituality

    Five Minute Finances: The Daily Habit That Can Change Your Life

    THE WEIRD WAY TO TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY. WARNING: Only read this very short guide if you plan to DO the simple habit described within it… Otherwise you’re wasting your time and will probably get nothing out of it. This is not normal self-improvement material… It is definitely not normal financial advice… And it is not trying to motivate you. This guide is simply about DOING the ridiculously simple habit described inside. It only takes ten minutes to read… And can literally change your entire financial future… IT WORKS… But only if you DO IT… SO DO IT. Money… It’s one of the more stressful subjects in our life – if not the most stressful. Whether we have a lot of it or a little of it, money often seems to negatively rule over all the decisions we make. But what if there was a disarmingly simple way to reduce this stress we feel about money? This very short guide will introduce you to a ridiculously easy habit that can quickly make you feel better about your financial situation, whatever it may be… The habit described is very undemanding, especially for those of us used to hearing complicated financial advice… You might laugh when you first hear it, or even get mad… You’ll think, “That’s it? Just doing that is going to help me feel better about money, and get more of it?” Yet it’s exactly because this financial advice is so unchallenging that it works… This habit is so SIMPLE you’ll have no problem doing it over the long run if you want… If you can brush your teeth every day, you can just as easily do this one small thing to improve your financial situation… So read this no-nonsense advice now… Start DOING the habit… And begin feeling better about your financial situation TODAY! Read more
  • Historical Fiction

    COLLAPSE: Surviving Is A Skill, Killing Another (HENRY CROWNE PAYING THE PRICE, a political and financial thriller series with an espionage twist. Book 1)

    ***** A cracking good read ! Dudley DHe is a secret IRA operative.He is one of the most successful City bankers in London …Now, he is accused of murder.Henry Crowne’s case seems decided from the very beginning. His Irish background, financial terrorist connections and City reputation inexorably tilt the scales against him until Nancy Wu, former Queen’s Counsel accepts to mount his defence. Will she manage to unpick the devious manipulations of a most twisted case before the shadows of her own past swallow her down?COLLAPSE is a financial crime and espionage thriller, the first book in the Henry Crowne: Paying the Price series. If you like THE BIG SHORT by Michael Lewis, THE FEAR INDEX by Robert Harris and A WEEK IN DECEMBER by Sebastian Faulks, you will enjoy the twists and turns of Freddie P Peters’ latest fast-paced thriller.Who is Henry Crowne?Discover it now…***** A good page turner with imaginative twists of plot. Amazon Reader***** Another great read. Amazon Reader***** Intelligent, fast-paced thriller. Helena Halme Author INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR Q: So, what makes the Henry Crowne paying the price series special? A: Henry Crowne Paying The Price books are a mix of different genres. The series had to be a combination of spy thrillers, political intrigue, financial misdeeds, all this in an international context… A fast-paced thriller with a best seller plot line, it is designed to keep you turning the pages and guessing until the very end. I am both a former lawyer and former banker, so on the one hand, I am very interested in world current affairs, politics and finance. On the other hand, I love a good thriller read, or mystery and suspense with a bit of Le Carré type espionage thrown in. When I decided to start writing I wanted to combine both interests in my books. Q: What order should I read the books in? A: Each book is written as a standalone so that you don’t need to read the one before to understand the plot. However, if you would like to read them in order, I suggest you follow the sequence below: Collapse Breaking Point No Turning Back Spy Shadows. Q: Why should readers give these books a try? These books will give you an unusual twist on world events, but they will also be good entertainment to read as unputdownable thrillers with unpredictable twists and turns. Each book has reached a number one or top-10 rating on Amazon during promotions which I’m very proud of. Q: Can you readers get a box set of the books? A: Absolutely, books 123 in the series are now available in a generously priced offer. As ever…Thank you for reading! HENRY CROWNE PAYING THE PRICE, a political and financial thriller series with an espionage twist eBook Categories: International Mystery and Crime Espionage Thrillers Financial Thrillers Political Thrillers and Suspense Legal Thrillers Read more