The Cake Pop Festival: Cake Pop Recipes for Every Occasion and Taste

By (author)Keanu Wood

Tired of the stress of making impressive desserts? The Cake Pop Festival offers 50 quick and easy recipes to master the art of creating show-stopping cake pops that will wow your friends and family. Say goodbye to the hassle of decorating cakes and impress everyone with your baking skills!


Being in charge of dessert isn’t the easiest thing you could’ve gotten – especially not when others expect you to make the dessert. You’ve got a couple of cake recipes that you know are good, but are they striking? Also, you don’t have that much time to decorate a cake, or maybe you’re not even good at decorating cakes anyway. Whatever is the situation, why not save yourself the trouble and still show up with some show-stopping cake pops instead? . The Cake Pop Festival has 50 recipes to help you master these adorable and practical treats that will have all of your friends and family impressed with your baking skills, even if it’s a cake you absolutely destroyed and mashed together with frosting. Still, it’s the end result that counts, right?