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Welcome, book lover! Are you looking for Kindle book deals? OHFB features limited-time sales of the best free and bargain Kindle books from the biggest publishers and bestselling independent authors. These are today's featured books:
Alien Safari: White Water (Alien Safari Series Book 2)
by Robert Appleton
$10.99 $0.00
It's the newest, most thrilling sightseeing cruise in the Alien Safari brochure.For ranger Jan Corbija, ferrying rich tourists around the aquatic wonders of Hesperidia's islands helps to fund her important scientific research. But her final 'White Water' tour of the season might just be one sail too many when passengers steal her equipment for a dive into uncharted depths, triggering a tragic series of events.A leisurely cruise becomes a race against time when a young ...
Nemesis: Revenge is Best Served Hot
by Saxon Andrew
$2.99 $0.00
From the International Bestselling Author, Saxon Andrew comes his newest book, Nemesis-Revenge is Best Served Hot. Two genetically modified human babies have been taken to the Choten-Zan Monastery to be raised to adulthood. The ancient priests have agreed to teach them their best hand-to-hand combat techniques and develop their speed and reflexes. The two children are sent away on their eighteenth birthday with a small warship and space armor that was left for them by ...
Robot Empire: Dawn Exodus: A Science Fiction Adventure
by Kevin Partner
$5.99 $0.00
For centuries they served. In gratitude we freed them. With vengeance they betrayed us.When she's kidnapped by the Blessed Engineers, Arla discovers that she's been living a lie. She wasn't a farmer's daughter, but merely cargo transported in the carved out heart of an asteroid: the Arkship Dawn on a thousand year voyage to a new home.And someone got there first.One act of rebellion leads to the fate of her people resting on her young ...
To Earn the Sash
by Derrick Smythe
$0.99 $0.00
Decades before Grobennar earned his place as High Priest, he was just your above-average seeker-in-training—sort of.Each year the best seekers of the Academy are pitted against one another in a brutal race to capture dark wielders within the city of Sire Karth. The winner earns the glory, the sash, and the assurance that he or she will rise high within the Klerol.Grobennar has rallied others to his cause, but his nemesis, Rajuban, seeks the very ...
Dead Moon: A Page-Turning Space Horror Tale of Survival
by Jonathan Maas
$9.99 $0.00
Davlok Asterian has to survive for 6 days and nights on the moon Kellora-5, and then he'll be free.Kellora-5 is empty, so this shouldn't be a problem.However, Davlok soon learns that even the quietest moons can come alive at night.From the editor: Dead Moon is a survival Space Horror in the mode of Aliens, Enemy Mine and The Thing.
Radio Hope (Toxic World Book 1)
by Sean McLachlan
$12.99 $0.00
In a world shattered by war, pollution and disease. . .A gunslinging mother longs to find a safe refuge for her son.A frustrated revolutionary delivers water to villagers living on a toxic waste dump.The assistant mayor of humanity's last city hopes he will never have to take command.One thing gives them the promise of a better future--Radio Hope, a mysterious station that broadcasts vital information about surviving in a blighted world. But when a mad ...
Moon Base One: Xon
by Patrick Rivers
$8.99 $0.00
Some say he's immortal, others say he can kill you with the touch of his finger. Great Master Wraith and his army of pirates have invaded Xon and stolen sacred technology. It's up to Luna and her clanmates to stop them; she teams up with Johnny's and Mio's Clan Alchemy and other energy users. Pulled into a war by forces beyond his control, Jean Kai reluctantly joins them on their journey. Along the way his ...
Vampire Trouble (Deadly Destiny Book 1)
by Alycia Linwood
$12.99 $0.00
Destiny Melendez Ibarra is an ordinary college freshman with plenty of plans for a long and happy life. But then she dies... and comes back as a vampire. Soon she finds out that the supernatural world is full of rules that she doesn't particularly like, she has to feed on human blood, and her maker—the famous and totally annoying supermodel Enrique—expects her to be at his beck and call. As if that isn't enough, it ...
Into The Game
by C A A Allen
$0.99 $0.00
Live real. Play real. Just try not to die for real. Riff Jenkins is having a bad day. He's behind on his college tuition and is getting kicked out of his dorm. His girlfriend just broke up with him for playing computer games too much. And if that isn't bad enough, Riff hasn't been able to beat the goblin boss in Dungeon Crawl Quest despite months of trying. His brother Mack says it's a glitch-that ...
Days 109 to 116 (Mass Extinction Event Book 8)
by Amy Cross
$15.99 $0.00
The battle for Boston is over, but there are still dangers lurking in the city. And as Elizabeth and Thomas arrive, they discover that old enemies are waiting to strike back.Desperate to find her father, Elizabeth sets out to see if anyone knows whether he survived the battle. She soon learns, however, that the city's new rulers don't take kindly to people digging into the past. Before long, she's thrust into the middle of a ...