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I Have the Sight: A Paranormal Horror Novel (EDWARD KING Book 1)
by Rick Wood
$6.99 $0.00
Eddie is perfectly content being a lazy slob. He doesn’t really care whether he lives or dies, so what does it matter? That all changes, however, when a near-death experience forces him to confront something from the other side – something desperately evil – and it takes everything he has to ensure he isn’t dragged to hell with it…As a child, Eddie witnessed the death of his little sister – a tragic event that destroyed ...
Nightmares: A collection of twisted short stories
by Manav Uppal
$4.99 $0.00
Are you afraid of the dark?Have you ever felt a presence in an empty room?Have you ever been startled by a loud noise in your house when you’re alone in it?Have you ever been terrified of your own shadow?If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this book is not for you.No, really - STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOOK!This book is an anthology of 14 bite-sized stories that can be consumed quickly – while ...
by Sean Gerace
$4.99 $0.00
Dead mother? Check.Abusive, alcoholic father? Check.Sadistic high school bullies? Check.Chris Murphy’s life was an endless cycle of cruelty and terror. When a newly discovered gift for working on cars gives him the opportunity to escape his living hell, he takes it, figuring things couldn’t get any worse.He was wrong.
The Boy on the Beach: Selected Cuts from Dark Albion, #1
by David Brian
$2.99 $0.00
A desperate woman on a remote beach. A dreadful truth revealed... and nothing will ever be the same.Hoping to escape an abusive marriage, Juliet Carlson looks for solace on the cool sands of an isolated cove. Here she meets a youth named Milo, who persuades her to visit the beachside community he calls home.Milo is several years her junior, but that doesn't diminish the mutual attraction. It has been years since Juliet felt this safe... ...
Ruby’s Choice: The Dreamer (Ditch Lane Diaries Book 1)
by D.F. Jones
$9.95 $0.00
Love Angel Series?An afternoon spelunking adventure uncovers a hidden room, mysterious stones, and crystal sculpture that unlocks Ruby's supernatural powers with an invitation to join a six-thousand-year- angelic battle over souls. Ruby: The Dreamer, Anna: The Healer, Sandy: The Soul Reader, and Lee’s Lesson: The Messenger.“I fell in love with the time, the place, and most of all, with Ruby! The characters felt real, as did the dialogue, and the hints of supernatural elements added ...
by Mark Foster
$12.99 $0.00
"It is not an ordinary job," the Frenchman had told me, "you may have to get your hands a little dirty."Here I am, Charlie fucking Whitman - still pissed from last night, driving a rental car with two retarded kids in the back, somewhere between Barcelona and Paris. I used to be an art dealer, I suppose I still am, but now I do bad things for good money. Everything has its price, and I ...
The Purge of Babylon: A Novel of Survival (Purge of Babylon, Book 1)
by Sam Sisavath
$20.99 $0.00
Book #1 in the Purge of Babylon post-apocalyptic series. It all starts here.________________________________________ONE NIGHT. THAT WAS ALL IT TOOK.Creatures that once lived in the shadows, hidden from humankind, have risen, spreading like a plague across the globe over the course of a single night. Their numbers growing exponentially through infection, these seemingly unkillable creatures have swallowed up whole cities and collapsed unprepared governments.Survivors call it The Purge.Against all odds, a disparate group of survivors has ...
Moonfleet: Gothic Novel
by Edgar Allan Poe
$4.98 $0.00
In 1757, Moonfleet is a small village near the sea in the south of England. It gets its name from a formerly prominent local family, the Mohunes, whose coat of arms includes a symbol shaped like a capital 'Y'. John Trenchard is an orphan who lives with his aunt, Miss Arnold. Village legend tells of the notorious Colonel John "Blackbeard" Mohune who is buried in the family crypt under the church. He is reputed to ...
The Terrifying Tales by Edgar Allan Poe: Tell Tale Heart; The Cask of the Amontillado; The Masque of the Red Death; The Fall of the House of Usher; The … Purloined Letter; The Pit and the Pendulum
by Edgar Allan Poe
$10.99 $0.00
The melancholy, brilliance, passionate lyricism, and torment of Edgar Allen Poe are all well represented in this collection. Here, in one volume, are his masterpieces of mystery, terror, humor, and adventure, including stories such as The Tell-Tale Heart, The Cask of Amontillado, The Black Cat, The Masque of the Red Death, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and The Pit and the Pendulum, to name just a few, that defined American romanticism and secured Poe ...
The Jewel of Seven Stars (Horror Classic)
by Bram Stoker
$14.95 $0.00
This eBook edition of "The Jewel of Seven Stars (Horror Classic)" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. The Jewel of Seven Stars tells the tale of Malcolm Ross, a young barrister, pulled into an archaeologist's plot to revive Queen Tera, an ancient Egyptian mummy. Malcolm is awakened in the middle of the night and summoned to the house of famous Egyptologist Abel Trelawny at the request ...