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Welcome, book lover! Are you looking for Kindle book deals? OHFB features limited-time sales of the best free and bargain Kindle books from the biggest publishers and bestselling independent authors. These are today's featured books:
Hex Appeal: A Hexy Witch Mystery (Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Book 15)
by Sarina Dorie
$14.99 $0.00
YOU THINK YOU KNOW THE WORLD OF MAGICAL BOARDING SCHOOLS? NOT FROM A TEACHER’S PERSPECTIVE AT A SCHOOL FOR AT-RISK YOUTH.The day Clarissa Lawrence got married, she didn’t just gain a husband, but she lost a fairy godmother—to the Raven Queen. While Clarissa desperately searches for a magical solution to rescue the woman who raised her and kept her safe from the evil Fae, she finds herself immersed in other problems. Students come to her ...
Survival (Great Bitten Book 2)
by Dawn Peers
$12.93 $0.00
A virulent virus of unknown origins has decimated the UK, turning the majority of the population into monsters hungry for human flesh.Through luck and a sheer bloodymindedness to make the right decisions for everyone, Warren has survived. Not everyone has been so lucky, however, and he is now desperate to reunite with his family and find somewhere safe for them all to exist.Warren enters the Community; a collection of organised survivors in a gated safe-haven. ...
The Wish to Kill: An Alex Kertész Mystery (Alex Kertesz Mysteries Book 1)
by Janet Hannah
$2.99 $0.00
Alex Kertesz is a biochemist, Handsome, popular - with everyone except his artist wife - and good at what he does, he is the opposite of Professor Ilan Falk, whose body he discovers one night in a University of Jerusalem laboratory. He had just been wishing that Falk would go to hell when an explosion in the laboratory sent him there. Was Falk's death the result of an accident? The professor had many enemies for ...
Eight Days in October
by DM Schwartz
$8.99 $0.00
A teenage boy uncovers a horrific family secret. A widower seeks vengeance on the creatures that killed his wife. A drug addled writer stalks the woman of his dreams, a woman much more sinister than she appears. A federal agent races to find the cursed relic powering this city full of spooks, spirits, and serial killers. The lives of these and others will collide in the dark and dangerous streets of Adderlass.A seed of evil ...
I (Chronicles of darkness Book 1)
by Charles Reed
$10.99 $0.00
A young white-haired boy is brought into a cold dark world by forces unknown, alongside his raven haired twin brother.These two make their way through a hellish desert, and a mystical forest which will lead them to their true fate... and their parents.After being separated from his brother "I" must make his own way through the universe. Whether it be fighting beasts in a mysterious medievalesque landscape, crazed men under an ancient metropolis or defending ...
The Witching House: A Horror Novella
by Brian Moreland
$8.95 $0.00
Some houses should be left alone.In 1972, twenty-five people were brutally murdered in one of the bloodiest massacres in Texas history. The mystery of who committed the killings remains unsolved.Over forty years later, Sarah Donovan is dating an exciting man, Dean Stratton. Sarah's scared of just about everything--heights, tight places, the dark--but today she must confront all her fears, as she joins Dean and another couple on an exploring adventure. The old abandoned Blevins House, ...
The Curse of the Wolves: Stories of Werewolves
by Dawn Peers
$13.99 $0.00
A BIG CITY IS LARGE ENOUGH FOR TWO WEREWOLVESA mysterious drifter turns himself into the local police department, begging to be put under lock and key before the moon is full. He is written off as a mental case until he gives vivid details of some of the murders in town. An idealistic attorney takes his case but both lawyer and client begin to realize that the drifter may not be the only killer in ...
Exorcism: An anthology of paranormal horror
by Dawn Peers
$17.99 $0.00
Two tales of the demonic and supernaturalLAST EXORCISMScout is a young woman that is recovering from an exorcism. She has little memory of being possessed other then flashbacks. She finds herself in a support group with other women her own age who relate their own personal stories to each other. They each have one thing in common other than being possessed...they are now being stalked by a mysterious, older woman. GAME OF EVILTwo estranged sisters ...
Outbreak (Great Bitten Book 1)
by Dawn Peers
$10.48 $0.00
If you walk down a London street in the early hours of the morning, you tend to expect to see a few people staggering around, unsteady on their feet after a hard night out on the town. They struggle to get home, they fall over, we all laugh. It's the norm.Warren never expected to see a zombie. Within hours, the capital of the UK is in chaos. Transport links are shut down as the outside ...
The House on Mayberry Road
by Troy McCombs
$10.99 $0.00
‘A house not only haunted by spirits but infested with beings beyond the limits of human imagination’When four adventurous teenagers go to investigate the supposed ‘haunted house’ out on Mayberry Road, they get more than they‘d bargained for. One boy ends up dead, two others psychotic, and another comatose. The house is not just haunted, it is somehow alive. And extremely dangerous.


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